Traditional and Aroma Oil Thai Massage

Traditional and Aroma Oil Thai Massage in Budapest

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Traditional Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage I do is different from the methods used in Europe by pressing and sitmuilating the acupuncture points of the whole body. With this technique, I energize your body and help with the toxins leaving your system. It is also a good method to increase your self-confidence. Not only do I work with fingertips, but I also use my palms, my sole and my elbow to help relax the deepest layers of your body. With stretches, I will relieve the stiffness of your muscles and joints.

Further information about the traditional Thai massage

The Oily Thai Massage

The oily Thai massage is also done on the Thai energy lines, but this is a softer technique: a mixture of traditional Thai and Swedish massages. It is a pleasant, scented, pampering oil massage that stimulates your circulation and relaxes your muscles. I recommend it to anyone who has a tiring or stressful life and wants to relax and wants to increase the resilience of his/her body.

Other Important Information

You can find me in the vicinity of Városliget, an easily accessible place. I have a state acknowledged diploma. For both types of massage I’m offering, I take special care of the sole, as with foot massage can also help you get rid of the anxiety and stress. Acupressure massage on your feet also improves the functioning of your immune system, balancing your energy flow, blood and lymph circulation, thus providing effective help in maintaining your health.

About me and my services in short

The massage I do is different from Western massages, because the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and if you’d like rocked and stepped onto facilitating the deep cleansing of the body from toxic materials. The traditional thai massage is also excellent for the soul, and it increases your self-esteem too. I have a state certificate being an official thai masseur. I am near Városliget, not far from Keleti railway station. Thai aroma oil and Swedish massage is also available.

Árak / Prices

Fájdaloműző: / Pain relief:
3.500 Ft / 30 perc (minute)

Nyak, hát, váll masszázs: / Back:
5.500 Ft / 45 perc (minute)

Tradicionális thai masszázs vagy aromaolajos thai masszázs: /
Traditional Thai massage or aroma oil Thai massage:
7.500 Ft / 60 perc (minute)
9.500 Ft / 90 perc (minute)
Exkluzív bio rózsa vagy citrom olaj választása esetén: + 1.000 Ft /
Opting for the exlucise bio rose or lemon oil: + 1.000 Ft

Teljes megújulás és bőrfiatalítás: / Total rejuvenation:
24.000 Ft / 150 perc (minute)

5 alkalmas bérlet 10% (5-occasion season ticket)
10 alkalmas bérlet 15% (10-occasion season ticket)
20 alkalmas bérlet esetén 20% kedvezmény (20-occasion)!
Érvényességi idejük: 3, 6, és 12 hónap.

Révi Erik - Thai Massage

Traditional and Aroma Oil Thai Massage


I am Erik Révi, a masseur with many years of experience in different massage techniques. My connection to the world of massage goes back to decades: initially, I just enjoyed the refreshing effects of various types of massages. I liked the feeling of being refreshed and relaxed and continuously tried new methods and techniques for my own pleasure.

During these adventures, I met a masseur whose 90 minute massage impressed me. I felt that I was floating over the ground for a month. Filled with inner peaece, spiritually renewed, relaxed, I could easily face the challenges of everyday life.

I wanted to know his secret, I wanted to master this procedure, so that's how I found the ancient Thai massage technology. I decided to study the original method from the most authentic source, so I chose a master with a wide experience in Thailand.

6 beneficial effects of the massage

Removes dead skin cells so the massage therapy improves skin tone.

Even small blood vessels, which we normally don't use, open up during the massage allowing even the tiniest part of your body to get fresh oxygen.

During massaging, harmful metabolic products are squeezed out of the body.

It reduces the irritability of the nerves.

It has a calming effect on stiff joints, muscles, silences the spirit, relieves stress.

It helps restore the body's energy flow, so you can connect easier to the natural flow of life.


Traditional and aroma oil Thai massage in Budapest and its surroundings


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